Hiroko.K’s products may not be a quintessential example of modern French Fragrance, but are unique creations of her free-minded approach with an added touch of Japanese subtlety.
As the Japanese Kodo or the art of incense appreciation teaches, inhaling a quality scent helps maintain good mental balance. Hiroko.K’ s pure and natural fragrances allow you to take a deep breath and fully appreciate the beauty of her products.
All living things on earth have their own scent. Fragrances have always been considered sacred and were therefore offered to the gods in ancient times. To inhale a fragrance purifies both body and mind, and protects us from harm. To wear a perfume unleashes your hidden potential and creativity. With essences full of botanical vitality, Hiroko.K’s perfumes awaken your unconscious qualities and inner beauty. This is the power of fragrance, the power Hiroko. K believes in.


Essence of Perfume

A blend of essential oil with 100% organic envelopes your whole body like an airly veil. Feel the energy of the plant with your whole body and appreciate correlation with human being and nature plants. We made the spray type of alcohol-based perfume for any time and any occasions of your life.

The attractive sweet scent of Ylang ylang, Vanilla, Clary sage and Sinnamon is a secret formulation of love. This blend enhances your charm and inner beauty and attracts people around you. It also brings love and happiness into people’s lives.
50ml ¥12,000
12ml ¥3,500
Spirit of WOOD
A blend of comforting sandalwood with sweet and gentle lavender and calming patchouli and Roman Chamomile help you relax with fresh mind. You can feel like you are in the easy forest with a beautiful stream.
50ml ¥12,000
12ml ¥3,500
Neroli, which are the small white flowers of the bitter orange plant, are innocent and pretty flowers, resembling young maidens. We sought to express the innocence of first love as “honesty”. A blend of citrus essential oils, including neroli, lemon and grapefruit, makes a vibrant fresh and pure scent. A lively and invigorating fragrance, perfect for when you want to get away from it all and have a change of pace.
50ml ¥12,000
12ml ¥3,500
Using extremely rare Persian Damask rose, this is an elegant scent with the pronounced sweetness of honey that gives the impression that you are holding bunches of roses. Wear this fragrance and you will feel like a rose yourself.
50ml ¥16,000
12ml ¥4,800
Innocent YOUTH
A blend of 6 types of lavender including Miaillette lavender which is very rare. Using only the finest lavender, reminds you the fresh lavender field, bringing to life memories of a happy and healthy childhood.
50ml ¥9,500
12ml ¥3,000



Theme: There are greatly divided into ''Calm'' and ''Stimulate'' for fragrance of essential oil. We blend them according to the theme.
The perfume was made working as ''Calm'' for mind, ''Stimulate'' for body.
The blend can be divided into MIND and PHYSICAL in 3 other categories based on your lifestyle; release, recover and awaken.

MIND RELEASE: ~Night and calming~
A blend of soothing English chamomile, laurel and lavender with smoky vetiver, known as the “essential oil of silence”. A woody fragrance suitable for when you wish to relax and immerse yourself in a world of serenity, or if you are having trouble sleeping. It promotes deep sleep, allowing you to wake up the next morning feeling fresh.
75ml ¥8,000
12ml ¥3,200
PHYSICAL RELEASE: ~Draining and Stimulating~
good lymph circulation and impress the detox effect in your body by Grapefruit, juniper, fennel.
75ml ¥8,000
12ml ¥3,200
MIND RECOVER: ~Happy and Sweet~
Feel happy and smell sweetness to rest your brain by Vanilla, cinnamon, clary sage.
75ml ¥8,000
12ml ¥3,200
PHYSICAL RECOVER : ~Feminine and Hormone’s function ~
fragrance works for strong effect of the circulatory rgan and the function of hormones will reducethe pain of your body and soften nerves by Rosa geranium, Niauri.
75ml ¥8,000
12ml ¥3,200
MIND AWAKEN: ~Confidence and beauty~
citrus such as fresh lime,lemon and orange, together with cinnamon to promote digestion .
75ml ¥9,500
12ml ¥3,800
PHYSICAL AWAKEN : ~Wake up and Fresh~
it is a blend for you to have self-confidence and revives vitality by luxurious scent of eucalyptus and rose.
75ml ¥8,000
12ml &¥3,200