Message from Hiroko.K (how this brand was created)

Since perfume interacts directly with the body and mind, wearing fragrances of the best quality brings you to the best condition physically and mentally. This is the reason why I make only 100% organic and natural perfume which enhances your attraction.
Not only following traditional French methods and recipes, I also developed the essence of Japanese elegance and subtly. It made it possible to express the theme and image of the perfume more delicately and realistically. Moreover, I invented the method that makes this ideal image last for a long time on your skin. With essence of full of botanical vitality, my perfumes awaken your unconscious qualities and inner beauty. I hope you will find your hidden power and attraction through my products.

Hiroko.K profile

Hiroko.K is offered at first Japanese 5 stars,6 stars luxury hotels, and it is praised highly by famous VIP and also the fragrance is highly appreciated by princesses from all over the world at the royal family parties.
Hiroko.K brand is utilized as not only perfume, but also as skin care cosmetics which is chosen and trusted by models and actresses who care skin very much.
As an aromatherapy items from United Kingdom and a ground floor skin care line for famous department stores in Japan widely sold from year 2000.
First person to introduce Ecocert organic standard products from France to department stores in Japan in 2004.
In 2007, moved to France to investigate perfume which is made by organic ingredients and more than aromatherapy perfume.
As a result of visiting all the factories in France, succeeded to find aroma oil with highest quality.
After further styling and compounding, established brand Hiroko.K.
Received a high evaluation from the expert of fragrance at exhibition of the perfume in France and Germany.


1997 Introduction of the British famous aromatherapy product to Japan and started to sold in department stores in Japan.
2001 Studied beauty and hand technique at British beauty school IIHHT.
2004 Introduction of French Ecocert cosmetics to Japan and started to sell at perfume section of department stores.
2006 Introduced Hiroko.K fragrance at 6 star foreign-owned hotel
2007 Started selling perfume '' Hiroko.K '' at department store in Shinjuku.
Big attention after Announcing '' Oil Beauty '' by fully used Hiroko Kondo hand technique on a large number of women's magazines
Adopted space fragrance by 5 star foreign-owned hotel
Product of Hiroko.K adopted at shower room in spa of luxury Italian brand opened in Ginza.
2008 At the spa in the Italian brand, had contract of treatment guideline with L'Oreal Japan.
Hiroko.K brand received a certification of organic cosmetics from Ecocert France.
Adopted '' Organic Fragrance '' in suite rooms at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York, Boston and Hong Kong.
In October, Hiroko.K brand was announced at global beauty exhibition in France.
Exhibited at '' Sniffa Palooza '' authoritative perfume exhibition in Germany.
2009 Sold at '' Quartier206 '' in Berlin, Germany.
April, donated products at the party royal family attendance and secretary of the Mexican ambassadress.
Every year since, donate to the party that are related to Japanese ambassadress.
Rose perfume of Hiroko K attracts attention in the spa run by Moroccan Royal Family.
2009-2011 Development of the organic perfume, repeating meetings with a cosmetic association, research institute and manufacturing industry from each places in France.