Perfume Veil

Perfume veil is an Organic Haute couture scent on your skin.
Perfume veil enhances your hidden potential and beauty.

Hiroko.K’s products may not be a quintessential example of modern French Fragrance, but are unique creations of her free-minded approach with an added touch of Japanese subtlety.
As the Japanese Kodo or the art of incense appreciation teaches, inhaling a quality scent helps maintain good mental balance. Hiroko.K’ s pure and natural fragrances allow you to take a deep breath and fully appreciate the beauty of her products.
All living things on earth have their own scent. Fragrances have always been considered sacred and were therefore offered to the gods in ancient times. To inhale a fragrance purifies both body and mind, and protects us from harm. To wear a perfume unleashes your hidden potential and creativity. With essences full of botanical vitality, Hiroko.K’s perfumes awaken your unconscious qualities and inner beauty.
This is the power of fragrance, the power Hiroko. K believes in.

Profile of Hiroko.K

Hiroko.K has studied aromatherapy for a long period and is the pioneer that offered the natural aroma skin care with 100% organiccertified products to the Japanese market. In 2008, in Scotland, she developed a method for using pure malt alcohol in perfume. In 2009, she began researching techniques for the creation of her own perfume in France. In 2010, she created the Hiroko.K brand. She makes only 100% organic products and all her products are approved by ECOCERT which is famous French organic standard. Currently, she collaborates with large luxury-brand hotels such as Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo and the most prestigious restaurants, offering thematic perfumes for each space and each situation.

A pure and clean fragrance, which may be breathed in as easily as the air-- this is the new line of all-natural perfumes created by Hiroko.K. To give new life to ancient fragrances, Hiroko.K seeks to attain unwavering standards of quality: 100% organic, healthy, and luxurious.

Guaranty of the quality

All her products are approved by ECOCERT.
ECOCERT was established in France in 1991, a forerunner in the area of organic product ratings.
ECOCERT is a third-party entity, which approves products using their own standards.
When one hears about an organic product but it's difficult to know "to what percentage", and "is it truly organic?" ECOCERT provides reliable non-biased answers. ECOCERT has approved roughly 10,000 natural and organic cosmetic products based on their standards in Asia: Japan, Korea, and China as well as in France, Germany, and Spain for a sum total of 40 countries.
Only companies approved by ECOCERT have permission to use the ECOCERT label on their products. This label is recognized worldwide.
Among plant ingredients, more than 95% of organic ingredients are approved.
Among all other ingredients, more than 10% are approved.
The "all-natural"